Hilarious Clothing Advertising

An Open Letter to United Colors of Benetton Dear UCOB,

I was taking a stroll in Dupont Circle the other day and came across this advertisement in your store window:

Advertisement of United Colors of Benetton

In case you can't quite read your ad it states,"The Essentials of Life...Jeans."

I'm thinking your stylist and or photographer and or marketing department forgot to include something in this picture. Mostly the jeans. Or any other clothing.

Granted, there are many companies that advertise clothing without showing the clothing at all. Or promote jeans with models who are actually wearing the product but nothing on top. These things are all expected after years of flipping through fashion magazines. But, this one made me laugh.

Mostly because that girl is nekkid.

She's not even naked. I spent a lot of my childhood growing up in the South, and that is what we would call nekkid.

Please get that poor women some clothes. Preferably these elusive jeans you mention.

Thank you,

True to Style