DC Street Style

H Street Festival Style

I met Kristie while attending the H Street Festival on Saturday and really loved her style. Such great basics put together for a wonderful end-of-the-summer look. White t-shirt, red skirt, blue scarf, and brown boots all come together in a way that is stylish and festive at the same time. And, aren't those the perfect Aviators to go along with her outfit?

I also wanted to include a picture of my good friend, Carmel:

Carmel has such a well-curated wardrobe. She has basic pieces and fun accessories that are continually mixed-and-matched in creative and beautiful ways. Her long tank has silver studding at the bottom. Her purse is a vintage piece that she purchased at Eastern Market. That's another reason I just love her wardrobe - so many items are bought locally! Just goes to show that you can put together amazing outfits utilizing local designers! Love it.