Modeling Casting Call

Behind the Scenes - Modeling Casting Call Out of all my adventures in fashion, I've never worked on a runway show before. I'm so excited that is about to change with The Black Fashion Focus 2010 event this Friday, September 17th. I'm just getting started, so I will be working as a volunteer stylist and really as a runner / extra pair of hands to help out.

I was able to get a behind the scenes glimpse of their modeling casting call. It took place at Puro Cafe in Georgetown. Check out the back of the restaurant:

Backyard of Puro Cafe

Doesn't that long aisle make the perfect practice catwalk?

Puro Cafe also has a lovely seating area. (Note to self: great place for a party.)

The models were checked in, their measurements were taken, and then they did 2 walks down the runway.

It was during this process I realized that even if I was 5'10", a size 0, and gorgeous there is no way I could be a runway model. It takes such poise under pressure. It also takes grit - you are critiqued so quickly!

Model having her picture taken

Model having her picture taken.

I also had a hilarious moment when I first walked into the casting call. I had been there all of 2 minutes when a girl walked up to me and said, " are bleeding." Apparently I scratched a bug bite or ran into something on my walk over to the cafe and a line of blood was trickling down my leg. Talk about a humbling situation! Here I was trying to act like, "oh yeah, I do this all the time!" and I was just a mess. :) Ha!

There are still tickets available for the event. You can purchase them here. All the proceeds go to Metro TeenAids, which is such an amazing organization. Many thanks to KUGo Productions who is making the event happen!

Hope to see you there on the 17th!