DC's Fashion Night Out

Fashion's Night Out - DC Style New York City led the way, but DC got in on the action with Fashion's Night Out this past Friday, September 10th. With so many businesses participating in the event it was hard to focus on just one part of the city! I ended up spending some time in Georgetown hopping from store to store. It was an amazing time! Here are some of my adventures.

Betsey Johnson

Models in front of Betsey Johnson, Georgetown

Betsey Johnson knows how to throw a party. Models in beautiful dresses greeted customers outside of the store. The inside of the store was a madhouse with wall-to-wall people oohing over Betsey's flirty designs.

Crowd at Betsey Johnson, Georgetown

There was a lively party going on in the garden outside of the store. Any purchase made that evening granted shoppers access to the fun. I walked by Betsey Johnson about an hour after taking the above picture and there was a huge crowd outside of the store just waiting to get in. Betsey had the best club in town that night!

(Side note: Betsey Johnson will be airing her Spring 2011 show online at 6:00pm EST. Watch it live at www.betseyjohnson.com .)

My next stop was Juicy Couture where male models wearing top hats were serving pink cupcakes on silver platters. It doesn't get much better than that.

Model in a top hat serving cupcakes

I found a plum colored cardigan for an additional 40% off the redline price. Such a good deal. I also discovered that when I checked into the store using Foursquare it gave me access to a free sample of Juicy's fragrance 'Peace, Love & Juicy Couture.' It was my first time coming across a deal utilizing the social networking site, so I was pumped. Except none of the sales associates knew what I was talking about. Three people and the manager later (and a few times of explaining Foursquare) everything worked out just fine.

Until there was an argument between the sales associates about exactly who helped me out with the sweater purchase. Ouch.

Next I went to Kate Spade.

Sweaters and jewelry on mannequins - Kate Spade, Georgetown

I always love shopping at Kate Spade because they do such an amazing job of embedding their brand essence into the smallest of experiences. For example, they handed out samples of their new fragrance Twirl. The perfume came with a bag of gold confetti that perfectly matched the gold flecks found on the design of the perfume bottle. Such elements of whimsy throughout their shopping experience!

I checked in at Kate Spade using Foursquare and received access to 15% off my entire purchase. I didn't use the offer, but lesson learned. Businesses are using Foursquare as a means of promotion, which ultimately means more savings for shoppers. I'm going to check in more often.

So, the big question is will DC have Fashion's Night Out again next year? Crossing fingers that it happens.

Did you participate in Fashion's Night Out? Get any good deals? Did you have an interesting experience? Feel free to share it below.