Fall Fashion & Shopping

Fall Fashion Kickoff at Treat I attended Treat's Fall Fashion Kickoff event last night. I went in thinking I would breeze in and out and came out with two bags full of goodies.

See that adorable Military Jacket? Yup, that came home with me. I couldn't resist. I love that it is a structured piece, but feels like a sweater when it is on. Such a cute take on the Military trend.

And, I found the #1 item every City Girl should own:

Footzyrolls are ballet flats that come rolled up in a little bag. The idea is that you can carry them around in your purse and then change into them when your feet are tired from wearing heels! I've heard that there are a number of variations of this product on the market right now, but it's the first time I've seen them in a boutique. Like many City Girls I walk as my main mode of transportation. I usually have one pair of heels on my feet and another pair of comfortable shoes in my bag. But, carrying bulky shoes can be quite a pain. These roll up into such a small size that they fit into almost any purse. It's such a great answer to the function versus fashion question.

I'm going to try them out for a few weeks and will report back on how they are working out.

I loved my time shopping at Treat. The staff was so helpful - I came in with 100 different questions, and they answered every single one without missing a beat. A great evening of shopping....

....and now I have to go get ready (and pack my Footzyrolls!) for Fashion's Night Out!