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Fashion News from This Week! 

Here are the top fashion stories that have me buzzing this week!

  • Kanye paid how much for that t-shirt? After Kanye got his brag on about earning $1M in 2 days with his Life of Pablo pop-up, High Snobiety decided to look into the cost of making all that swag. The bottom line: Mr. West is jacking up prices. But, Kanye warned us about spending early on:

Poignant “All Falls Down” lyrics: “I want to act ballerific like it’s all terrific / I got a couple past-due bills, I won’t get specific / I got a problem with spending before I get it.”

OMG – do you guys REMEMBER the genius that was College Dropout? It’s still flippin’ amazing. I may have to dip to listen to that album again…

(The whole album is here on YouTube if you would like to partake.)

76 minutes and 13 seconds later….

  • A K-Beauty scandal is happening in Korea. Racked did some digging and found that those adorable sheet masks are being HAND FOLDED by women who are making too little money. (Bangs head on wall.)
  • Barneys New York is selling these “distressed” shoes by Golden Goose for $600. If you have enough money to buy this ridiculousness, can you go ahead and fund Pop Fashion? Cause you don’t know what to do with your money, but I can help.
$600 Distressed Designers Sneakers

Image: Barneys – You could pay $600, or you could just go play in mud.

  • In other news, Amazon is cracking down on counterfeiting. (This is after Birkenstock said, “Boy, Bye,” to Amazon.) If you are a 3rd party who wants to sell on the site you are going to have to pay up.
  • Did you know that the FDA doesn’t regulate the cosmetics industry? It’s the Wild Wild West when it comes to shampoo, deodorant, foundation, lipstick, etc. An article by the New York Times explains how Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Susan Collins (R-ME) want to get the FDA more involved. But, can it happen in an election year?
  • The birkini ban was overturned in France! Yeah! Oh, but wait, it gets worse. 30 towns in France are still imposing the ban, even though it was overturned. And, it gets worse. Prime Minister Manual Valls is all like, “well, let’s just keep the ban, aight?” And, could it get worse? Sure it could. 64% of the French people support the ban.


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Athletic Apparel – Joggers

Jogger Pants

Raise your hand if you are ready for a more relaxed athletic style.

Skinny jeans, skinny pants, skinny athleisure wear has been the name of the game for years. Every fall I’ve thought, “maybe this is the autumn of our discontent regarding skinny pants.”

Only to have that thought echo into the deep, dark void that is fashion.

But this year, friends. This year we are seeing a more relaxed silhouette. I first noticed it in jeans, but then Momma Mo (aka my Mom) mentioned that athletic clothing was looking more relaxed, too.

Relaxed Athletic Wear Style

Athletic Wear – Joggers & Relaxed Style

Momma Mo is a runner and an all-around badass. She was online searching for a brightly-colored pair of running pants and discovered, to her surprise, that everything was looser.

Like, late-80’s / early 90’s looser.

To clarify: I didn’t mind skinny pants. I just wished there was variation on the market so I could mix and match styles. Retail went through a number of years where it was impossible to find non-skinny jeans for clients. It was so stinky to say, “Well, if you want a relaxed jean we are going to have to go to a consignment store because it’s all tight all the time right now.”

Then the client would look at me and wonder, “Wait, you don’t control what is in stores?”

And, I would have to say, “Not yet, friend. Not yet.”

I digress.

When it came to athleisure I also didn’t mind the oh-so-tight athletic / yoga pant look. That product made me feel all sucked in and safe before going and sweating like a waterfall in the gym.

But, having a relaxed option is a nice change of pace, no? Looser jogging pants say, “Hey, why not go for a jog on a crisp, fall day?”

They also say, “Hey, why not sit on the couch and binge watch Mr. Robot?”

Both options mean we are living life right.

Product Breakdown 

  1. Nike Rally Jogger Women’s Sweatpants, $65
  2. PacSun Drop Skinny Drawstring Pants, $55
  3. Athleta Women La Viva Capri, $69
  4. Love 21 Women’s Contemporary Drawstring Denim Joggers, $23 
  5. Studio Cinch-Leg Pants, $54.95

Top Fashion Stories This Week

Want to Catch Up with Fashion News? Here You Go!

  • American Apparel hired an investment bank to explore a possible sale. Will Dov Charney want to buy his company back? Right now he is saying, “Hard swipe left.” In other news, American Apparel is being sued by two former factory workers for alleged, “wrongful termination, failure to pay overtime, discrimination, and retaliation for expressing concerns about working conditions.” The drama continues.
  • The editor of Seventeen magazine was fired WHILE SHE WAS ON MATERNITY LEAVE.
  • T.J.Maxx is saying, “Pass the Veuve Clicquot,” while other retailers are sitting around drinking Andre. Their plans are to add 2,000 stores – an increase of 50% – in an environment where other stores are consolidating and closing.

    T.J.Maxx is opening nearly 2,000 new stores

    T.J.Maxx is like, “Wait – doesn’t everyone drink champagne with breakfast?”

  • A new book is out in Sweden that explores H&M’s relationship with its factories in Myanmar. The phrases “child labor” and “12-hour workday” are being bandied about.
  • DSW is opening 40 stores in the Middle East.
  • Target was duped, swindled, and bamboozled. When they asked, “Hey, are these Egyptian cotton sheets?” supplier Welspun India said, “yeah, yeah, sure. They are Egyptian cotton.” Note: They weren’t. Now Target is offering millions of dollars worth of refunds to customers. Making us all say, “Oh sheet.”

Want to hear more? Hop over to Pop Fashion podcast where we do a deep dive into these stories and more fashion drama from this week! (Or, just push play below!)

Top Fashion Stories This Week

Want to Catch Up with Fashion News? Here you go!

  • Alexander Wang was awarded $90 million in a counterfeiting case. But, he might not see a dime.
  • Grindr launched a sportswear line. It might sound odd, but their foray into fashion supports a great cause.
  • Macy’s is closing 100 stores. Related: 44K retail jobs have been cut this year so far.
  • In a “is this real life?” story, the mayor of Cannes banned burkinis.
  • Under Armour went on a hiring spree of epic proportions. Plus, they backed Michael Phelps who won approximately 276 gold medals this summer in Rio. They also made a dope commercial:

  • It’s back to school time! Are you getting your first day outfit in order? (Or, are you indulging in the feeling of “back to school cool” even if you are way past that time in life?) The Atlantic discusses the science behind “dress for success” and why retailers want to push the concept of purchasing new apparel at the start of the school year.

Want to hear more about these stories? Hop on over to Pop Fashion podcast where we do a deep dive into these stories and more fashion drama from this week! (Or just push play below!)

Beauty DIY: The One that Didn’t Work (But I love)

Beachy Waves – The DIY That Failed 

This summer I was reading an article in Allure that proposed a simple DIY for beachy waves. Think about the textured hair you get after a day near the ocean. Your tresses are messy, but full of sunshine and salt.

There are a ton of products that will give you that perfect day-at-the-beach look. Two of my favorites are Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray and the budget-friendly Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray (whew, that’s a long name). BUT, the Allure article suggested that there was a simple DIY approach to the same product:

As for how real surf girls do it? ‘I mix seawater and a few drops of lavender oil (to make a sea-salt spray),’ says swimwear designer Tori Praver. ‘The oil keeps the salt from making my hair crunchy.’

PERFECT. My parents live near the ocean and they were headed to DC for a quick visit. When Mom asked if I needed anything from home I said, “A bunch of ocean water.” Bless my Mom. She has witnessed / participated in enough of my creative hijinks that she just rolled with it.

When she arrived in DC she presented me with an OJ bottle full of seawater. YASSSS.

Now, let’s back up for a minute and talk about the concept of wavy hair. I’ve always had pin-straight locks. It’s genetic. My hair doesn’t take curl (in the winter when there is 0% humidity it will hold for a few hours). I experienced natural waves once when visiting Guatemala. To my absolute surprise I had some serious body in my hair during that vacation. I’m guessing it had something to do with the water. Fact: I have fun hair in Guatemala, guys. (Who knew?)

Back to the ocean water.

I ordered lavender essential oil from an Etsy seller called Bath Body Soul. This decision was part of a larger intention to order household items from independent people whenever possible. It meant waiting for a few days for the product to arrive in the mail.

In the meantime the bottle of ocean water was hanging around the house. Which is why it ended up looking like this:

Ocean Water - Don't Drink

Don’t drink the ocean water!

I put it in my fridge and was concerned that someone might drink it by accident. Thus, the cheeky message “OCEAN WATER Don’t Drink F*&%ers!” Which, now that I look back, sounds aggressive. But, we have a house where friends are encouraged to go into the refrigerator without asking. I didn’t want someone to pour a glass by accident (thinking it was filtered water) and get sick. I knew if I could make people laugh they would pause before grabbing the bottle.

The last thing you want is a big gulp of salt water when you aren’t expecting it.

So far this sign has worked. People open the refrigerator and laugh.

My essential oil arrived….

Lavender Essential Oil

Essential Oil by BathBodySoul

…and, I purchased a mini-spray bottle from CVS.

Beauty DIY Fail - Beachy Waves

I put a few drops of the essential oil into the ocean water, sprayed my hair….

and nothing.

Nothing happened.

No waves. No increased body. Nothing, nada, zero.

But, it smelled so good. Refreshingly, beautifully good.

I’ve tried this product for weeks. Some days I leave it in my hair to air dry. Some days I blow dry my hair. I’ve put it on my roots, I’ve sprayed it throughout my hair.

My hair is still straight as a board.

Perhaps if I had different hair texture this experiment would be successful. It’s okay, though. It feels like a small luxury to experience the sea and lavender on a daily basis. I will continue to use it – at least through the end of the summer – because it is so enjoyable.

What about you? Have you ever used sea salt spray? Have you ever tried a beauty DIY that completely tanked? Do tell! I would still recommend this simple project because the result is so refreshing!

Product I’m Loving – E.L.F. Daily Brush Cleaner

Check out this Great Brush Cleaner 

It never occurred to me to ask questions about E.L.F.’s name. I just thought it was the makeup equivalent to Elf on a Shelf. As if E.L.F. products are related to a magical being that brings fantastic, budget-friendly makeup products into my life.

That explanation still makes sense.

But, ahhh….E.L.F. stands for eyes, lips, face. Of course! Makes much more sense!

I gave their brush cleaner a try simply because a) I needed a brush cleaner and b) it was inexpensive.

Elf Daily Brush Cleanser

This is the Elf on my Shelf

Turns out, this is a gem of a product. It’s only $3 and it works beautifully.

You want to clean your makeup brushes because they get full of bacteria and generally become a hot mess if you ignore them. In the article “10 Terrifying Things Dirty Makeup Brushes Do to Your Face,” author Mandie Williams breaks down the reasons you need to add “cleaning” to your makeup routine. Dirty brushes cause breakouts, can rip out your eyelashes (!), and are a catalyst to skin irritations.

E.L.F.’s Daily Brush Cleaner has anti-bacterial properties and can help extend the life of your brushes.

The product does have a slight scent that I find very enjoyable. But, if you are allergic / highly sensitive to fragrance you may want to do a test before you permanently add it to your makeup bag. At $3, though, it is worth a shot.

How about you? Do you clean your brushes? Do you find that it helps? Or, are you having trouble making it a part of your routine? Do tell!

A Common Writing Conversation

Ever Have One of These Days? 

Today I was working on deadline, and for the life of me my brain was just not cooperating.

Brain Conversation I was able to drag myself through it and meet the deadline, but it wasn’t easy and it wasn’t eloquent. I’ve been writing on deadline for years. Shouldn’t it be easier by now?

Nope. Some days it’s like smashing rocks. Some days your brain wants to do other things, like eat a bunch of chocolate and loll around in a field watching butterflies.


Miss Dior Illustration

My Favorite Perfume

I have a few favorite scents.

For the past few years, my heart (and nose) has been all about Miss Dior.

It smells like romance and cotton candy. Every time I put it on I think about visiting a French circus while eating spun sugar.

Now that I write that down I realize that it’s a bizarre notion. But, trust me, it works in my head. (Really. I’m not crazy. Right? RIGHT?!)

Miss Dior Illustration You might be asking yourself, what are those numbers in the left corner?

No idea.

This is a sketch I did a long time ago in the Paper App and rediscovered. My guess is that I was playing around with the drawing, heard something important, and thought, “I will need those numbers later,” and wrote them down.

I just sent an email to my husband to ask if the numbers are ringing any bells. Are we about to give away the code to a treasure that we buried and I forgot about? Entirely possible.

Until I figure out what those numbers mean, though, feel free to use them for playing lotto.

Back to perfume.

I’ve always loved Miss Dior, but am thinking about switching to a deeper fragrance for the fall and winter. In my early 20’s I was all about Hypnotic Poison.

Hypnotic Poison Dior PerfumeOh, how I love this scent. It’s deep and mysterious…and has the WORST name ever. Every time someone asked what I was wearing I found myself mumbling its name, hoping the other person would forget the question. Inevitably the response would be, “What? You are wearing what?” Thus, making me make say the name even louder. HYPNOTIC POISON, okay?

It’s a name that takes itself so seriously, whereas I am a person that doesn’t take herself so seriously. Thus, the whole “this perfume is sexy and mesmerizing,” thing doesn’t work with the reality of me literally running into walls on a daily basis.

But, it is a remarkable scent.

And you? What do you wear? Do you find yourself changing perfumes from spring/summer to fall/winter? Or, do you find yourself switching for different parts of your life? Do tell! Leave a comment below.

Fashion News!

Pop Fashion Podcast News

Want to hear this week’s fashion news? Just push play! Want some link action? See below!

Vivienne Westwood Rides in a Tank

Yup, this fashion powerhouse decided to ride a tank through the Prime Minister’s neighborhood in order to protest fracking. I’ll give it to Westwood – she knows how to make an entrance.

Libertine Gets Burned by UPS

Libertine designer Johnson Hartig lived out a fashion horror story when two boxes of his designs were lost by UPS. The boxes contained 30 pieces of apparel that were supposed to be part of his NYFW runway show. Worst. Day. Evah.

Ikea Product Names

Ever wonder how those Ikea products got their names? Well, there is a method to the madness!

Also, this is my favorite instance of Ikea in pop culture. Liz Lemon (aka Tina Fey) has an Ikea product named “Blerg” – one of her catchphrases. Brilliant.

Liz Lemon's Blerg Ikea Furniture

Liz Lemon’s Blerg Ikea Furniture

Macy’s + Best Buy = BFF

This holiday season Macy’s is ensuring a streamlined shopping experience. They are teaming up with Best Buy to have a mini-tech shop within 10 of their department stores.

Zara is Making Stacks on Stacks

Zara’s parent company, Inditex, earned over $1billion in the last six months. Six months, ya’ll.

Gen Z’s Fashion

The New York Times came out with a big article about Gen Z’s fashion sense. The quick version: the lines between male and female fashion are blurring and everyone is wearing everything.

Ralph Lauren Stepping Down

The biggest fashion news story of this week = Ralph Lauren is stepping down from his fashion empire. Surprise! Stefan Larsson (former H&M executive / president of Old Navy) is taking his place. (This story came out yesterday, thus isn’t part of this episode of our podcast.) Ah, Ralph. The Polo shirts in my wardrobe salute you.

Finally, today is International Podcast day! 

International Podcast Day 2015Celebrate by listening to your favorite podcast, trying out a new one, or tweeting to your favorite podcasters. Use the hashtag #PodcastDay.

Here are some of my favorites (besides Pop Fashion!). Warning: I’m a podcast junkie.

  • Death, Sex & Money
  • That’s So Retrograde
  • Guys We Fucked
  • Sorry Not Sorry
  • Food News
  • Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend
  • The Blaze – a 90210 podcast
  • Dear Sugar
  • Human Conversation
  • Weird Adults
  • Gilmore Guys
  • The Fresh Rag Show
  • You Big Dumb Idiot
  • Women of Uncertain Age
  • You Made it Weird
  • WTF
  • The Crabfeast
  • I Seem Fun: The Diary of Jen Kirkman Podcast
  • Plz Advise
  • The Read
  • How Did This Get Made?
  • How Was Your Week?

What’s your favorite fashion news story of the week? How about your favorite podcast? Do tell!


How to Wear a Fall Scarf

How to Style a Rectangle Scarf for a Fall Outfit

One of the main questions I get as a stylist is how to style scarves. Most people own a few but get stuck on how to properly utilize them when putting together an outfit.

Here’s a quick trick to give your next outfit a boost:

How to Wear a Fall ScarfNow, let’s break that down.

First, here’s the outfit by itself. Long skirt, black top.

How to Style a Fall ScarfIt’s not bad, but it’s not popping, either.

Let’s grab a long, rectangle scarf.

How to Style a Fall ScarfAnd put that scarf around your neck, making sure the ends are at the same length.

How to Style a Fall Scarf

Now, grab a belt that is in the same color story. For this outfit I pulled out a shade of brown that is prevalent in the scarf.

How to Style a Fall Scarf

I went for a thick belt, but you can grab a thin belt, too. It just depends on your mood and where you would like it to hit.

How to Style a Fall Scarf

BOOM! New outfit with more visual interest.

How to Style a Fall Scarf

This outfit feels very flowy and fun. It’s not how I want to be styled 100% of the time, but it is how I like to feel on a crisp, fall day.

How to Style a Fall Scarf

How do you style long, rectangle scarves? Any tips or tricks? Do tell!