Beauty Truck

Makeup On the Go

I’m in BWI airport waiting to board a flight. While trying to hunt down a cup of coffee I came across this:

Benefit Beauty Truck

A pink truck full of Benefit beauty products. Gasp!

Okay, so technically it’s a vending machine. I’ve seen these in airports for electronics (a grand idea for everyone who forgot their charger or headphones at home), but never for makeup.*

Benefit Beauty Truck

This one is all Benefit products, and many items are travel size. Brilliant. There is a sign on the truck that guarantees that the prices of products are equal to what you would find at a counter or on the Benefit website.

I struggle with makeup options while traveling. You can only fit so many products in a quart-sized Ziploc bag for security, so it becomes a game of Tetris + “do I need this?” Yes. Yes. The answer is yes, I always need it. But, the reality is that my beauty routine is restricted when I travel.

This type of machine gives people options after security. It also is perfect if you forgot something at home.

Have you ever seen a beauty vending machine? Would you purchase something? Would you want to know if one was in your terminal before getting to an airport so you can plan accordingly?

*I have seen Proactiv vending machines. Does this count as the same thing? For some reason I don’t put it in the same category.

Quick Update

My sister-in-law ran into another Benefit truck at the IAH airport in Houston, Texas.

She took a picture because she is awesome.

If you run into one at another airport let me know. Or, if you find a beauty vending machine with a different brand please send pics!


  1. LaMesha says:

    These are so cute! I think I’ve seen them before but I haven’t purchased anything from them (probably because I was broke) but I certainly would. I love anything “mini” and the “they’re real!” mascara. I think the bonus is knowing that the prices are the same as in the stores.

  2. I totally agree, LaMesha. If there wasn’t a sign on the truck that stated that the prices were the same I would be dubious about a purchase. But, if everything is the same price and I can knock out shopping AND waiting for a flight – why not?! 🙂

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